My name is Michael and I had this idea to start a shoe company despite the odds.

Atreyu stands for curiosity of human potential. We believe that simplicity and hard work are the tools required to achieve extraordinary results.

Going up against the industry giants (who set the standards) may seem like an impossible task. However, we believe that huge goals are a series of tiny victories strung together in a meaningful way. It is this principle that has kept us marching onward.

We are here to support you in your own endeavors, and we hope that lacing up Atreyu's motivates you to dig deep in pursuit of your goals.

Be curious. Dream big. Always question the status quo. Refuse limited thinking. Be you.

Base Trail - Trail Running ShoesRace Model - Carbon Plated Running ShoeBase Model 3 - Lightweight Running ShoesDaily Trainer 1.2 - Running Shoes

My design philosophy:


I am inspired by Bauhaus designers, NASA, my family, and the belief that most companies make way too much crap which in turn causes confusion and misdirects our purpose. Our shoes are named by their intended purpose, and each model is updated thoughtfully and only when needed.

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Imagine a world with more curiosity.

The world doesn't need another shoe. We do, however, think the world needs more dreamers. Our dream is to equip runners with effective tools that minimize distraction and maximize performance.

If you're ever in Austin, TX, come for a run with us!

Just look for the ATREYUMOBILE out on Town Lake Trail:-)