Self Esteem | The ultimate endurance fuel

Self Esteem | The ultimate endurance fuel

...Going to try and keep this one short and sweet. 

On the surface, Atreyu Running Company is just another 1x1 image on your social media feed claiming to be honest, transparent, and authentic. To some folks, we may seem like the affordable daily trainer brand among the sea of offerings in the world today. I reckon they're correct, but perhaps theres more. I hope there is more...

In my unprofessional and almost 9 years sober opinion, almost everything we associate with, do, say, judge, and mimic is a projection of our self esteem. This self esteem comes from the "SELF." We simply can't build our self esteem from external influence, gadgets, and blue check inspirations cloaking our feeds. This is our task and our task alone. Instead, I believe each and every one of us has the ability to create lasting and meaningful esteem by means of hard work. What we practice, we will become. One foot in front of the other, making big dreams become reality by means of small victories strung together in a meaningful and semi-calculated way. Mistakes are wisdom. It all contributes to the big picture.

This is what I hope Atreyu Running Company will stand for in time. I sincerely hope that the brand can serve as a projection of my own personal goals, perils, and strengths to create my self esteem, but also relate to others on the similar journey to make sense out of the nonsense of pain and misunderstanding. To love is the ultimate pursuit, but to love is to hurt. It's not easy on the road to building this magical endurance fuel in the esteem bucket. I hope like-minded athletes resonate with this pursuit and choose to support our team by utilizing our tools for the task, relating to the messaging, or merely just being inspired to conquer a pursuit of their own.

Above all things, I do hope that there is substance behind this messaging. I know I find it personally, but time will tell if we do a good job in relationships with those who enjoy what we do. Relationships create opportunity, and then we can really begin to understand how we can pay it forward. This will require gifts that we own inherently.

Self esteem: If we do not own it, we will not be able to pay it forward.