Coffee: The Runner's obsession - pre-run & pre-workout benefits.

Coffee: The Runner's obsession - pre-run & pre-workout benefits.

Many runners consider coffee to be a crucial part of their pre-run routine. It’s not just because coffee tastes great, but also because it provides several benefits that can enhance the overall running experience. Let's take a deep dive into the various benefits of a pre-run coffee routine. Do we really need an excuse to keep coming back to this delicious elixir day in and day out? Probably not, but lets explore, anyway:-)

  1. Get yo' mind right - Improved Focus and Alertness

Coffee is well-known for its ability to improve focus and alertness, which can be particularly beneficial for runners. Especially true with those 5am alarm clocks ringing in our ears. A pre-run cup of coffee can help sharpen your mental focus, allowing you to stay focused on your pace, form, and breathing. 

  1. Keep the party alive - Increased Endurance

Another interesting benefit of coffee is that it may be linked to improved endurance. This is because coffee contains caffeine, which is a natural stimulant. Caffeine can help your body use fat as fuel instead of glycogen, which means that your glycogen stores could last longer in the right conditions. While this claim is subject to testing conditions (and an endless array of external factors) perhaps it is still suitable for "locker room" discussion... Nevertheless, we can put it in the benefits category for prompting the discussion:-)

  1. The magical pain elixir? - Reduced Muscle Pain

Another benefit of coffee is that it can help reduce muscle pain during and after a run. This is because caffeine can block the neurotransmitter adenosine, which is responsible for causing pain. By blocking this neurotransmitter, coffee can help reduce the perceived level of pain, making it easier to push through a tough run. 

  1. Feel like a kid again! - Improved Metabolism

Coffee can also help improve your metabolism. Caffeine has been shown to increase metabolic rate, which means that your body will burn more calories throughout the day. 

  1. "I cant function without my morning cup!" - Boosted Mood

Finally, a pre-run coffee routine can help boost your mood. This is because coffee contains compounds that have been shown to enhance mood and reduce the risk of depression. By drinking coffee before a run (especially the tough days where its hard to get out of bed), you have a chance of putting yourself in a better mental state, which can help you feel more motivated and energized. Anything can help in those days!

In conclusion, a pre-run coffee routine can provide several benefits for runners. From improved focus and alertness to reduced muscle pain and increased endurance, coffee can help you get the most out of your running experience. Just remember to drink in moderation and avoid drinking coffee too close to bedtime (I always recommend my last cup before noon on any given day), as it can interfere with sleep. Sleep is precious! 

Thanks for tuning in... Keep goin!