Tools | Resilience

Tools | Resilience
1. the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.
Resilience is a part of everything. It's not the absence of pain, but instead how we deal with pain that will ultimately define our character. I was told this many times, and have learned to embody that it might not get any easier, but perhaps ease of implementation is not always the point.
We can't become the people we want to become without a few scars along the way. Don't let the blue check on those fancy influencer accounts get us down... those folks have battle scars too. Resilience and humility work hand in hand as a match made in endurance heaven. 
When we master the art of resilience, I definitely believe we have the groundwork to let the creative work begin. Then comes the requirement for more resilience. This culture we live in can sometimes be unforgiving, but I definitely believe that each critic has their own burden to carry.
When we master the art of resilience, perhaps we've merely mastered the art of knowing that this "tool" will always be required in order to move to the next step of our journey. It is fundamental. 
We all have that blue check by our authentic motivations. Keep going, yall.