Daily Trainer + Base Model = Variation

Daily Trainer + Base Model = Variation

Many folks ask us, "What's the difference between the Daily Trainer and the Base Model?"

In simplest terms, the Daily Trainer has a rubber outsole and the Base Model does not. Nevertheless, this simple difference can offer a profound delineation in the running experience.

From a functional design standpoint, your Daily Trainer is more suitable to withstand more daily wear/tear than the Base Model. The Daily Trainer is fundamentally a workhorse and more suitable for high mileage. The extra rubber also gives the Daily Trainer a more cushioned feel even though the midsole stack height offers the same dimensions.

In comparison, The Base Model is designed to capture more "feel" from the ground. Does more "feel" from the Base Model offer an advantage? When used to complement a Daily Trainer, we believe the Base Model is a tuning tool to increase stride efficiency, higher turnover, and enhanced proprioception by dynamically activating the nerves on the bottom of the foot.

Many athletes find that the Base Model is an acquired taste when creating a relationship to the ground (as Coach Steve Sisson would say), but when they tap into the subtle essence of its intended purpose, it can be a profound a flavor to remember. Think of the Base Model as seasoning to your Daily Trainer main course meal. Please forgive my food references:-)

There is one additional minor difference to point out: the Base Model does NOT have a heel counter. This tradition is to keep the shoe as light and nimble as possible. Analog running at its finest! On the other side of the coin, the Daily Trainer has a stiffer heel counter piece for extra structure and protection from fatigue on those longer endurance runs. 

We believe in a well rounded rotation, and each shoe should offer something fundamentally unique to promote variability. Variability can keep the foot dynamic and constantly adapting to the natural rigors of a running routine. This is why I believe there is a place for both the Daily Trainer and the Base Model within a well-rounded running rotation.

At the end of the day, footwear is a preference and we hope that you nourish a great relationship with your shoes of choice. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to continually earn our place in your rotation.

I hope that you are logging some extraordinary miles in your Atreyus and I'm wishing you well from here in Austin, TX!


founder / product design